Writing workshop

This workshop will blend exploratory conversation with writing exercises, both delving into the landscape of touch.

When: Monday June 24th
What time: 17:00 – 19:00
Where: Anarres Bokkafé, Urtegata 39

In this workshop we will leave sexual touch to the wayside to give focus to less talked about forms of touch. Touch exists in every manner of relationship, and there are countless ways of experiencing pleasure and discomfort, desire and aversion, function, love or playfulness when engaging with other humans or the non-human through touch.

What stories about touch have you neglected? What does eroticism look like, outside of the sexual? What consequence can absences of touch produce? Relief or longing? How can we expand our ideas about what touch is or isn’t?

We will use writing as a tool for self-exploration, therefore no previous writing skills are required! Together we will attempt to write new truths into being, both in our histories and our desired futures. We will try to see our relationship to touch from a new perspective, to queer our already queer embodied expressions of touch.

We have writing tools for all who need them, but bring your own if you prefer!

The workshop is held at Anarres, which has a slightly narrow door that can be tricky for some wheelchairs, and the toilet is not accessible.