Trans only life drawing session with Sappho’s Friends

Sappho’s Friends and Reclaim Pride Oslo want to invite you to an all-trans life drawing session!

When: Thursday June 20th
What time: 19:00 – 21:00
Where: SKOKS, Christian Kroghs gate 60

The goal of this event is to create a safe and free space for trans people to practice life drawing while celebrating and appreciating trans bodies. The model and hosts will be trans, and we invite any and all who place their identity outside the boundaries of birth assignment. This event is trans-exclusive, and we use an inclusive definition of that term.

This is not a class, but an opportunity to practice. You don’t need to be at any particular skill level to attend, so do not worry if you feel like you are really bad at drawing (most people do). This is just for fun, and you don’t have to show anyone your artworks if you don’t want to. We have some supplies available, but not a lot, so please bring your own if you have them or some extra so we can share.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

It’s easy to enter SKOKS in a wheelchair, but they unfortunately do not have an accessible toilet.