Solidarity march

Reclaim Pride Oslo is once again inviting queer people and allies to take back the streets, two years after the terror attack. The fight continues and we must build our safety together! We refuse to be invisible and we are taking back the streets to show solidarity with both those who have been directly affected by the terrorist attack, and to defy those who want to instill fear in us. We want to gather, we want to be visible, we want to make noise. The lead banner is: We’re here, we’re queer, we won’t disappear!

When: Tuesday June 25th
What time: 14:30
Where: Botsparken, Grønland

We will walk from Botsparken to Eidsvolls plass, where it’s possible to join the event from Støttegruppen 25. juni where they will march to Rosenkrantz’ gate and lay down flowers in front of Per på Hjørnet and London Pub. They will have a programme there afterwards with concerts and speeches:

We want a solidarity march full of life and noise, so feel free to bring something to make noise with (e.g. pots and pans, instruments, etc). Remember to bring sunscreen, water and ear plugs if you need them.

We’ll walk under one banner in a united front: this is a people’s march, bring along placards and banners but please leave political parties’ and organisations’ flags and banners at home.

The fight continues!