Queer Utopia – Fanzine Workshop

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22 2022 at 3 PM – 5 PM
Hausmania kulturhus

How do we imagine a future without oppression?

Inka Zivana Torvund and Beth Madeley Suganuma will host a fanzine workshop this Reclaim Pride in Oslo. We will give you an introduction to the political importance of zines, as well as the relevancy DIY booklets have had for the queer environment. We consider documentation of queer environments to be an important and political act in a world with oppressing structures constantly trying to erase our existence, and would like to welcome you to be part of the larger documentation project queer art is in this world.

The theme of the workshop is Queer Utopia. We will show you how to make simple DIY fanzines, have a brainstorming together and hopefully make some cool fanzines! We encourage you to make your zine in whatever medium feels comfortable to you, and we will make space for drawing, text, collage, or any other art form! If you have any materials laying around at home like magazines or pens, feel free to bring them.

This is a queer, BIPOC, trans and neurodivergent-friendly event.