Queer Technology Hopes and Challenges for our Community

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22 2022 at 6 PM – 7 PM
Hausmania kulturhus

What are the possibilities for the queer community when it comes to technology? What is our current challenges?

Online communities can create a shared place for queers and be a resource. On the flipside, we see that tech development can be use to target queers and harm them. How can we queer the AI and what are the implications if artificial intelligence operate in a racist, white and heteronormative mode?

The panel consist of:

Ranveig Skjerve. Backend developer and universal design and normcritical tech development and implementation.

Maja Kraljic. She is a creative coder and web developer. Working at apc.org – building a feminist internet and working with human rights online. Also interested in open source technology. Part of Lesbian Feminist University in Slovenia.

Sarah Decaen Fossheim. They are working with dataviz accessibility, front end development and queer/inclusive tech design.