Queer Mud Wrestling

TUESDAY, JUNE 21 2022 at 6 PM – 9 PM

Hosted by: Atma Brutal and Ida Icecracker

Join us for a fun evening of soft violence and real dirt! Topped off with a queer sauna session right at the location. Event is free, sauna is free! Drinks are available from the bar that is open on location!

Do you wanna be in the wrestling ring?! Send a message to reclaimpridenorge@riseup.net give us your email and we will set up a wrestling squad in beforehand!

All wrestlers meet up at 16.00 at Kruttverket for prepp and pepp! 21 th of June. We are willing to make exceptions but it important that you try to make this for safety reasons. We will create our wrestling aliases, make a small introduction and warm up a bit. It is important that all wrestlers join this to have a good and safe(ish) time;)


And all-non wrestlers should bring their most cheerleedy attitudes! And get prepared to get splattered! See u from the ring at 18!

Audience is totally allowed to dress up and get yer freaks on from the sidelines!