Open rage mic

SUNDAY, JUNE 19 2022 at 6 PM – 7 PM
Hausmania kulturhus

Reclaim Pride sets the stage to embrace your anger, queer struggles and fight for recognition. A callout to listen and a callout for queer solidarity.

Pride is also a time to lift the frustration in our community and being able to stand in each others angry feelings and frustration, without backing out because its uncomfortable!

The stage is open for all queers of all ages. A stage and place for those of us who had enough, and who just need to vent out what you are fucking fed up with and why enough is enough! There is a possibility for debrief after you been on stage and the audience in place must embrace the anger and listen with recognition, queer love and solidarity!

We are in this together but we are not the same! So you tell us whats need to be done!