SUNDAY, JUNE 19 2022 at 10 PM 
Hausmania kulturhus

CONCERT with Norway’s first and only drag band. Come to dance and cleanse your soul!

Deathman is a genre-confused, subcultural supergroup and Norway’s first and only drag band. Composed of members from Intetskjønn, FLTY BRGR GRL, Level & Tyson and the drag legends Gutta, the quartet are equal parts dead serious musicians and charming drag kings.

Every concert is a cleansing ritual of blood, sweat, laughter and tears, as mesmerizing as they are confusing.

The debut song “I’m ok” is a dark and insistent love ballad.

Join Deathmans ritual concert, inviting ideas, identities and energies that need to come out, be shared, buried, exposed or killed. A chaotic coexistence of dreams, egos and memories.