Queering Art History – Let’s discuss queer art together!

FRIDAY, JUNE 24 2022 at 2 PM – 3.30 PM
Anarres Bokkafé

Most of us might be familiar with the phrase «the personal is political» which appeared during second-wave feminism in the 1960’s, but what if the personal is on display? Is it a privilege to make art not labelled political? How has queer artists and their art been viewed through time and how is this shaping queer art today? We consider art to come in many forms, not just the “traditional” categories. Music, literature, activism, comics, poetry and so on is included in our conversation.

This event is the result of an open art discussion started by the artists Inka and Ursula, and now we invite you to continue the conversation with us and make a temporary reflective collective art space together. The event will be a low key easily accessible group conversation where you don’t need cultural capital to join. We are familiar with, and accepting of, neurodiverse experiences and ways of expression. This means we will not judge you for what or how you decide to share with us. We want to be an alternative to the fancy art discussions which tend to gate-keep artistic reflection- and will be happy with wherever the conversation ends up. You can also join just to listen, but we hope to make the space a comfortable one, so that anyone feels free to speak their mind. Anyone can make art and talk about art, and we are curious to hear your reflections.

White cis men are welcome to join in on this event, but we ask you to be aware of your privileges and to understand that, as a group, white cis men speak up and take space more often than others in group conversations, and we would appreciate some reflection and awareness around this. We will not allow expressed class contempt in our conversation- no question or reflection is unworthy of attention.