Queer Sauna All Day DropInn

TUESDAY, JUNE 21 2022 at 11 AM – 9 PM

Reclaim Pride have a last treat in store for you. Free Queer Sauna all day drop in. Because as we know, so many queers work hard throughout the year, and deserve a break from it all. If only for an hour. We thank you and salute you for all the things you do and that you have done for our community. We know that queer activism is frustrating sometimes, and there is seldom gold at the end of the rainbow. Well guess what! This time it is gold for you comrade! Because we see you and we love you! Relax and just casually hang out with other queers throughout the day.

For those of you who have done sauna before you know how fantastic it is to be in Norway and finally being able to have a random conversation with a stranger! This happens in sauna spaces! People actually talk to each other! It is beautiful!

There is a bar on site and later from 18.00 there will be the epic mud wrestling event.