Queer Speeddating. Beyond the binary and monogamy edition

FRIDAY, JUNE 24 2022 at 7.30 PM – 8.30 PM
Anarres Bokkafé

Just in time for the weekend we will host an hour of queer speeddating inclusive version. Cis males need not to worry as we of course have some in store for you to, because bisexuals deserve more than one event!

This is an event that gives you the possibility to meet people beyond the dreadful swiping on screen. Lets gets some queer love and action at the table, regardless of all the boxes we are asked to tick in the apps and dating platforms. Maybe you will meet an relationship anarchist, someone looking for friends with benefits, or someone who wants a partner for life. What do we know. All we know is that we cant let apps monetize our sexuality and dating life. We can do this ourselves, and besides what a resource it is to open up for unexpected meetings and dates you might not see coming!

Hosted by the legendary: Kaja Glenne Lund.