CANCELED – Confronting partner abuse in queer community

FRIDAY, JUNE 24 2022 at 5 PM – 6 PM
Anarres Bokkafé

Drawing upon in-depth, semi-structured interviews, the research explored how queer women from ethnic minority backgrounds in Norway understand and experience intimate partner violence (IPV).

Based on an intersectional approach, the study highlights and discusses how having multiple minority positions may inform and affect the way participants experience IPV. The analysis shows that participants’ experiences of IPV are shaped by their multiple minority statuses in Norwegian society. A discussion will be provided that revolves around how being a sexual as well as an ethnic minority generates a significant power imbalance for the participants in their relationships.

Esra UMMAK (they/them): They is an associate professor at VID Specialized University and worked as a visiting researcher at the psychology department of the Oslo University. Their master studies was about the attitudes of Mersin University students’ towards lesbian and gay individuals in Psychological Counseling and Guidance Department (PCG) at the Mersin University. Their PhD project was an experimental study regarding the group guidance on dealing with homophobia in PCG Department at the Çukurova University. Their research interest and experience relate to major themes of social psychology, such as social identities and identification processes, stereotyping, labeling, stigmatization, prejudice and discrimination, and social inequality.

Their research center on the social identity groups of lesbians, bisexuals, racialised people and ethnic minorities. Among these groups they have researched the outcomes of prejudice and discrimination on mental health and on relationship dynamics in intimate partnerships.