Queerness and neurodivergency

Guided conversations: queer and neurospicy.

When: Monday June 24th
What time: 19:00 – 21:00
Where: Anarres Bokkafé, Urtegata 39

Through social media platforms, information and resources about ADHD and autism have become more widely available than ever, leading to more general understanding and (self) diagnosis. Capitalist liberal society defines success or even being a functional adult in narrow and unforgiving ways. Not being able to keep up can lead to shame, practical problems, and has serious consequences for our (mental) health.

Being queer often also means to be forced to break with the norm. We often don’t fit society’s expectations for family as an economic unit, we might be late in life to find our place and community, and we burn out due to minority stress. On top of this, it seems to be no coincidence that queers with some sort of neurodiverse traits seem to be overrepresented in the community. What does it mean to be queer and ADHD, autistic, or just what we have decided to call neurospicy?

This event will explore these themes and talk about everything from the validity of self diagnosis, how to get a formal diagnosis, how masking over time affects us, and the joy that special interests bring. You will not be sent home empty handed. The session ends with the sharing of resources and best practices.

NB: We define neurodivergency loosely in this workshop. Everyone is welcome, also if someone you know belongs in the neurodivergent umbrella and you want to be a better friend/family/partner to them. Regardless of having a formal diagnosis, we believe that anyone benefits from the sharing of information, a better understanding of ourselves, and more empathy and leniency from society and the community. As a collective we are aiming at breaking down barriers that keep us from living fully.

The workshop will be held by members of our collective. We do not think giving out the names publicly will gain any insight to the event, but if it is important for your attendance, please send us a message. This is not an attempt at hiding anything, we just want to respect our comrades’ privacy.

Anarres unfortunately does not have a wheelchair accessible toilet.