Queer picnic

Reclaim Pride Oslo invites you to meet fellow queers for a picnic in Tøyenparken!

When: Saturday June 22nd
What time: 12:00 – 15:00
Where: Tøyenparken

This event will be soft, easygoing and sweet. The grass will be green and the blankets comfortable.

Bring your best picnic blanket and if you are able: food for yourself or to share (with an allergen list), water (or other favourite non alcoholic beverages) and sunscreen. Maybe a park game you love, some craft supplies or a favourite book of queer poems to read aloud from to your comrades.

The idea is to spend time together in a calm and easily accessible environment. To meet old friends and make new ones, to play and relax and share a meal in the sun.

This is for all bodies and abilities, children and adults alike! Other than the light and sounds of the park, we won’t add any extra noise. All queers deserve a space to gather. However keep in mind that the park is also open to others who may be more noisy than we are. We will do our best to find a quiet corner! This is meant to be low effort and low sensory and there are no expectations for you to be or do anything in particular, only to enjoy yourself in good company!

Accessible toilets are free in Botanisk hage, just around the corner.
This event will be alcohol-free.

Come as you are, we look forward to welcoming you