Reclaim Pride Oslo is a queer, intersectional Oslo-based collective organizing the Reclaim Pride festival in Oslo since 2022. We are LGBTQIA+ inclusive, feminist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, anti-ableist and anti-zionist.

We acknowledge that the pride movement started as a protest against police violence and systemic harassment of queers, primarily homeless and sex workers, led by black and brown trans people. Reclaim Pride Oslo is a space for anger, disruption and for reclaiming pride as a politically charged protest, but it is also a space for joy and community where we can dream of alternative realities and find comradeship, solidarity and support.

We recognize that racism and ableism are systemic features of our society, and that they are multifaceted issues that take on different forms in different intersections of identity. We strive to remain educated on the ways racism and ableism manifest in our time and place, and aim to dismantle internal biases both within the collective and in the community.

We are not an organization, and we do not have a formal leadership structure. All members of the collective have equal value and equal say. The collective is a space where queer radical activists can organize, engage in action, and make friends.

We are a grassroots movement and strive to lower barriers to participation in the queer community, actively working to make our spaces more open, safe and inclusive for all queers. As individuals in this collective, we will assume best intent, and ask clarifying questions without judgment, and as a collective, we acknowledge that we are not perfect and that this work is a constant process.

All across the globe, including at home, we see our rights being stolen from us. Queer rights encompass more than just rights directly related to being queer: rights to housing, safety, healthcare, education and freedom from violence and oppression. Our goal is to be an alternative to the assimilationism, homonationalism, rainbow capitalism and pinkwashing that are represented by the mainstream pride movement both within Norway and internationally.

We work both to dismantle these oppressive systems, and to create a safer community for queers, especially those who exist in the intersections of multiple oppressions. The Reclaim Pride festival celebrates resistance, the refusal to take part in rainbow capitalism, and solidarity, vulnerability, and self-reflection. No one is free until everyone is free!