How not to eat each other

This workshop is for all queers who want to expand their toolbox for navigating conflict, difference and harm within our communities.

When: Sunday June 23rd
What time: 14:00 – 16:00
Where: Anarres Bokkafé, Urtegata 39

These are unavoidable aspects of being in relationship and community with one another, but often our responses to them draw from the toolbox of the powers that be, and are not tools of liberation.

How can we help each other resist the temptation to control, dehumanize, exile and shame? How can we build better strategies for navigating processes of repair in the face of conflict and harm? How can we avoid turning tools of oppression against one another, and instead foster care, change, growth and protection? What is needed to grow out of and change harmful behaviours?

Most of us queers are in different ways traumatized, which means we bring our most vulnerable and wounded parts to our queer relationships and communities. This makes our communities vulnerable to tensions and reactivity that impact our ability to collaborate across organizations and groups, and impacts our sense of belonging to the community. It’s hard to collaborate in our fight for liberation if we are too busy eating each other to build the fierce solidarity we need.

In this workshop you will be invited to share your experiences and skills with other comrades, and we will work both in smaller groups and everyone together. We believe every participant has something to teach us and we want to foster a space for learning from one another.

The workshop is held at Anarres, which has a slightly narrow entrance that can be difficult for some wheelchairs, and the toilet is not accessible.