Queer Love Letter Swap

To take part in the love letter swap you must first write a love letter to a fellow queer.

Remember the swap could be with any type of queer so we urge your love to be queer and inclusive with everyone and noone in mind. Put your love letter in a sealed envelope kept blank, if you like you can put a stamp on it if you don’t we will put a stamp on it. Remember to include your address in the envelope we have access to, so we can send a letter back! And then put that envelope in a second envelope sent to: Salam Grønland 12 0188 Oslo. Mark the envelope queer love letter swap. The deadline to send your letter is 17th of June. We will then swap your love letter with another love letter that will arrive in your mailbox just after Reclaim Pride. Queer love from the Reclaim Pride team.

If you are sending from abroad in Europe the deadline is the 15th June.

If you are sending from outside Europe DM us and we will make sure you will be swapped with someone.