Conversation on whiteness

How does whiteness affect us and what roles can white comrades have in minority spaces?

When: Thursday June 20th
What time: 17:00 – 19:00
Where: Anarres Bokkafé, Urtegata 39

In this facilitated group event we want to open up a conversation about whiteness, within queer and anti racist communities. We are inviting comrades to share their experiences with whiteness and to open up about uncomfortable feelings and anxieties surrounding their own whiteness. This might mean confronting our internalised racism and white privileges, but also to explore how whiteness limits us.

Whiteness is a framework that better helps us understand structural racism. It is often associated with concepts such as white privilege, white norms, white guilt, white fragility, and the intersections of racism, capitalism, nationalism and class.

This is a conversation where we want to talk about how whiteness and racism shows up in our lives. We want to create a space for learning and growing together, becoming better at fighting racism in our community and in ourselves. The conversation is open to all queers, but as the topic is personal and sensitive, we would like to give a heads up that this can be an exhausting conversation for people who are impacted by racism.

Come as you are! We look forward to seeing you!

For this event it is important to be on time or a little early, as it can be disruptive to have latecomers. It may not be possible to join the conversation if you are late to arrive.

While the workshop is obviously open to all the aim of this event is primarily to give white people an opportunity to start deconstructing their own internal biases. If you feel this space can benefit you, you are welcome.

The hosts for the events do not have a public online presence, but have been doing similar workshops before. They are both white, and live in Norway. We do not think giving out the names publicly will gain any insight to the event, but if it is important for your attendance, please send us a message. This is not an attempt at hiding anything, we just want to respect our comrades privacy.