Bike ride with Queers on Wheels Oslo

Reclaim Pride Oslo presents the first edition of Queers on Wheels Oslo!

Start: Øvre Stabburvei bus stop (see map)
End: Anarres Bokkafé
When: Sunday 23 June
What time: 11:00 to roughly 13:30
What to expect: ca. 20 km of both asphalt and some gravel, some hills.

We are queers who want to ride bikes with other queers and allies. Cycling, especially as a sport, is often dominated by gear obsessed lycra-bro’s (m/f/x), that are more concerned with their Strava times than the landscape or their company. The alternative is a girl boss vibe with which us gender spicy folks also do not feel very welcome. We want to create a space for everyone who just wants to go on bike adventures with gays and friends on a weekend day.

Our first ride will be 1.5 to 2 hours long, including breaks, and we will take as much time as we need for everyone who wants to join. We will ride both on asphalt and some on gravel. There will be a possibility to buy coffee and waffles at the end of the ride! (Since the point is riding bikes, the ride will be cancelled in the event of bad weather.)

The point is to get to know each other and find like-minded cycle friends to go on rides with that you like. The next rides might be longer, faster, shorter, slower, on gravel or road, depending on who shows up and who is in need of some bike buddies.

Some rules and tips:

  • Bring a bike that is comfortable, not broken, and has gears enough to get you over some hills. (For example, come to our free bike workshop at 16 June!)
  • Keep to the traffic rules. Yelling will occur if you behave irresponsibly.
  • Bring a helmet: riding bikes can be dangerous because of other people’s unpredictable behavior. We do not take risks with our heads. (Send a DM or comment if you don’t have one or have one to spare!)
  • Communicate to the other riders if you ride in a group. We will discuss how before departure.
  • Bring a snack and something to drink.
  • Tell people your pronouns when you introduce yourself and respect them. This is an activity that is open to other comrades who want to ride with us, but be mindful that this is a queer space.