Banner workshop

Come paint banners with us!

When: Friday June 21st
What time: 17:00 – 20:00
Where: SKOKS, Christian Kroghs gate 60

In collaboration with Salam, we will spend the evening of Friday 21st together painting banners for the Palestine block of Oslo Pride’s parade! The parade is the 29th of June.

Our hearts are bleeding for Palestine, and painting banners is a simple, concrete and queer way of contributing. Working together is a great way to hang out with old friends and new comrades, and banner making and demos connect us to our queer cultural history

We’ll make one banner for the side of a car, and some banners that can be carried by hand. We’ll use some or all of these slogans:
No Pride in genocide
Queers against Israeli apartheid
No to pinkwashing – No to Israeli apartheid
Yes to pink – No to pinkwashing
You can’t pinkwash colonialism – Queers for Palestine

Basic materials, such as plain fabric, paint and brushes will be available, but feel very free to bring your own art supplies! Do you have some shiny fabric, a cool marker or some leftover neon paint? Bring it along and let your creative activism flow! Or just show up in your best painting outfit, willing to get to it and get splattered.

It’s easy to enter SKOKS in a wheelchair, but unfortunately they do not have an accessible toilet due to a narrow door. The banner painting will mostly be done on the floor, but we’ll have parts of the banners on tables for detail work. SKOKS is an alcohol free venue. There will probably be background music, but it is of course fine to ask us to turn it down/off.

After an evening of painting with your new and old comrades, we invite you to join our Queer Bar Night at Folk i Storgata!

Can’t join but got some cash burning in your vipps? Support Salam’s fundraiser for AlQaws, the organization for sexual and gender diversity in Palestine. See link in bio.